BWRFC Honors Roger Carter

Boston Women’s Rugby Club would like to honor the passing of Roger Carter. Roger Carter was the designer of our iconic Boston Boot logo, and a dear friend to founding members of BWRFC. Below is the logo that Roger designed and a note from Roger’s friend and Boston rugby alumna, Ruthie Scully:




I would like all the people in the Boston Women’s Rugby Club world to know that the artistic designer of our iconic logo, boot with lipstick, passed away Monday night. His name was Roger Carter and the lipstick belonged to his wife Betty. Roger was a friend of mine and would always be scribbling while having the odd pint at the Plough and Stars in Cambridge, where we all hung out in the early days. He showed me a sketch one day and I said that sure beats Mrs. Andy Capp(she was around for a while!) Well, he cleaned it up, made it camera ready, and off we went, with what I think is one of the best Rugby logos in the world. So, think of Roger when you don your rugby kit in the future. He was a hell of a guy, even though he never played!

Rest in peace Roger, we wear you with pride.


 Ruthie Scully Hall, Co-founder, Boston Women’s Rugby Club


With our appreciation for the impact Roger made on 40 years of Boston Women’s Rugby players, we send our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Roger Carter. It is an honor to wear the Boston Boot.


With love and Bootkisses,

Boston Women’s Rugby Family